How i Spend My Short Holiday

i've taken my holiday for two days last thursday and friday. Went to EPF office on Friday to take my latest account statement and registering my i-account password, so that i can register for an online account. With that i don't have to go to the EPF office to get my latest account statement, just go online and print it out.

It's getting easier nowadays, most of goverment and private sectors have created an online system/facilities to make life/errands easier for customers/people.

Such internet facilities that i am using are:

1., paying bills such as Astro , Streamyx, Telephone and PTPTN, money transfer to my sister's account, in case she needed money, buying prepaid reloads and much more.
2. PTPTN, i would check it seconds after paying my loans thru Maybank2U, and like magic, it would appear in my latest statement. So for those who kept dodging and hiding from paying their study loans please do it, so that others can use that money for their studies. It's getting easier nowadays so no worries, don't wait untill you get the summon letter from court.
3. EPF/KWSP, just registered my online account last Friday, so now i can easily get/view my latest statement without waiting for yearly statement to be posted to my home address.

i have yet to register for Paybills Malaysia, probably within this week, so that i can pay my electric bills(SESCO), and water bills(LAKU) online. Currently i'm still going either to their counters or the post office.

Online transactions have changed my methods of paying bills and banking transactions. Now i can pay my bills at night, during public holidays and even before the biling statement came out.
It's getting easier, faster and more convenient for me, no more long waiting time, no more queuing in lines and of course doing it in the comforts of your own home.

Last but not least, i finally spend my last portions of my arrears to buy these two.

Newcastle United Away Jersey. A Super A brand imitation, close enough to the real thing, the Newcastle logo are sewn-on, the Northern Rock logo are raised, and the fabric are high quality and very comfortable.

Adidas SuperStar imitation, great youthful, funky and bluesque design, the three stripes sparkled, good if not excellent build and of course very comfortable.

Adidas Shoes and Newcastle away jersey at downtown Miri, SEDC building next to Centre Point market. No, i'm buying the expensive original version, just the imitations. i just couldn't afford to splash out any more than i already have budgeted.

Here's a tip that i remembered when trying to bargain. It's a lot easier to bargain when you're shopping early in the morning preferably right after they open their shop. i think it's kind of their belief that if they rejected their first customer, business on that day will be slow.

i got my cheap Adidas china made imitation shoes for RM60, after bargaining from their retail price of RM69.90. That almost RM10. My Newcastle away Super A brand of imitation was RM50 from RM59.90. Here i would like to state that i have compared my Adidas imitation shoes with ones that are selling at Bintang Plaza Parkson and Imperial Bouleavard, where at the shopping complexes are the version from Korea/Vietnam, both are in the same level of comfort, design on the china made almost close enough. (Who would really check on the details anyway right?) The really big difference is the PRICE. When you're buying those there at the shopping complex, that shoes would easily cost around RM100-300.

Overall i'm quite happy with my short holiday.