Summaries Of My Days

My past few weeks have not been quite that eventful to talk about. It is at this moment that i realised i have been living such a boring life. i wonder whether it is fate or just that i'm doing nothing to spice it up.

Other than recent frustration incident that i had, i have nothing interesting to brag. Well maybe one major highlight that i've been looking forward to is, the amount of my arrears will be. In my calculations, i'll be getting around RM3000-RM5000(Hopefully!). That is quite a sum of money. i can never save such amount even if i really really budget my spending for one whole year.

Being just a clerk in a banking sector, such amount would only be able to reach after saving for at least two years, and with tight budget. i am quite excited and seriously have prepared my budget for it. This time around, i'm putting almost half of whatever i'll be getting into savings.

Among other things that i'm planning are getting a new mobile phone, and the top two on my list are the Sony Ericsson W580 and S500. i have two numbers, and switching sim cards is not practical, inconvenient and i think it'll damaged my current phone.

Also this time i'll be a lot more generous towards my brother and sister, i think i'll give both of them more than the usual. Probably around RM200-300. As for my parents maybe around RM300-400.

Anyway, it is in this fasting month and the coming raya that i usually will not be consuming a healthy diet. My usual diet will be in disarray, most probably because of consuming foods such as lots of barbeque chicken/fish, curries, rendangs, cakes, sweet biscuits and whatever it will be in the coming festive month. i think i should take up more supplementary vitamins. i also realised that during my days of frustration and depression, i have been eating regularly, i skipped meal a lot of time due to no appetite. However now i think i'm almost back to my normal self.

The thing that i still can't stop doing is staying up late for nothing, like right now.. it's 1am Monday morning, and i'm still not in somehow, i can't blog if i'm not alone and in darkness..i wonder why?