Searching For The Remedy Of A Heartbreak

In all of it's seriousness, i have to say being down in the past couple of weeks have done me no good. i have lost interest in a lot of things, well, life generally. It seems that somehow i'll be in this situation for quite longer than i would have expected. Three weeks and counting..

Here are the things that have been in my thoughts and have been bothering and torturing me from the beginning:

1. Perhaps i made my move to soon
2. Perhaps i didn't make my move sooner
3. Perhaps she sees him a lot better than me
4. Perhaps he made his move ealier than i am
5. Perhaps i was misread her signals, or body languages or whatever it was that i was thinking at that time.
6. Perhaps there was nothing there in the first place
7. Perhaps i was just a rebound
8. Perhaps i was just being too desperate and needy
9. Perhaps i should just let this go and go with the flow...

and i could just go on and on with this, but it still wouldn't change the fact that i am hearbroken and alone..

Is there any remedy for this pain?