My Weekend & My Poor Poor Thumb

My weekend today was supposed to end great, but why oh dear god, you punished me with pain & suffering? Why?

My day started when i woke up early this morning, got myself ready to accompany her to her second part of Open University orientation. Before we went there, we went for breakfast and both of us ordered roti kosong with me nescafe tarik and teh tarik for her. She said the funniest thing when ordering roti kosong, "telur kosong satu..". Hilarious, i'm gonna use this for a long time.

i love seeing her smiling and laughing.

Then we went OUM Miri for the orientation, nothing interesting happened here.

Afterwards she sent me home, and it was when we arrived at my house and i said goodbye to her, the cursed thing happened.

Again i caught one of my finger between the car door when i'm closing it.. damn.. it hurts like hell! Only that this time, it's my right thumb that became the unfortunate one. i can't imagine how i would cope with the pain when i'm working this Monday.

The fact that i'm right-handed makes the matter worse.. i shouldn't have taken a ride with her, her beauty distracted me, even when doing something that almost subconscious like closing the car door.

Oh well, that what you'll get for brief moment of joy... with a lingering shot of pain. i do hope that my blood won't stained her car door.