Where Am i?

i wonder whether this picture is for real or not..
unfortunately this is how my life feels like right now..
LOST.. POINTLESS.. HOPELESS.. NO DIRECTION.. hhmm..okay actually "no direction" is the same as "lost" right?
my birthday is coming soon, and i'm feeling more depressed by the day.. i still dont achieve any my plans/dreams..
i got no savings..
no girlfriend..
boring 9-5 job, well actually it's 830-530..
my pay is not enough for one whole month, the fact that prices of everything is going up..
i got writer's block on my poetry book, it's been a while since i came up with anything original..
even thinking about this makes me depressed even more..
HOPEFULLY next year will be better..
yup, i will make my birthday next year the BEST EVER, as it will only a happen once in a life time.. THE MAGIC NUMBER 08/08/08..