Vampire Spotted In Miri!!

Yup, you heard me right. There's a vampire spotted in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Pontianak.. Kutilanak.. Langsuir.. what ever you wanted to call it, it's here.

It started when there's a rumour of a wife of an offshore worker died during childbirth, in which both the mother and child died. The apparition of both the mother and the child was first seen by a group of children who were playing football late in the evening, in Tudan area. The apparition was seen walking/floating into a nearby woods.

Readers from South East Asia might be able to relate to this kind of rumours/stories, but for the international readers, here a definition from wikipedia.

"A Pontianak or Kuntilanak or Matianak (as known in Indonesia, sometimes shortened to just kunti) is a type of vampire in Malay folklore, similar to the Langsuir. The pontianak is usually a woman who died during childbirth and becomes undead, seeking revenge and terrorizing villages.

In folklore, Pontianak often appears as a beautiful and at times seductive woman, usually accompanied by the strong scent of frangipani. According to myth, men who are not wary will be killed or castrated when she morphs into a hideous being; she will also eat babies and harm pregnant women and has been said to cause miscarriages."

Want a prove? Well, before that, let me tell you the story.

It was fairly late into the night, and being a city that sleeps early, the roads here in town area were already deserted. Only a few cars that occasionally past by. They were 5 of them, 2 girls and 3 guys, just hanging out at Miri City Fan chatting about their days and stuffs.

It was only 11:30pm, if this were KL, there would still be a lot of people hanging out. i personally don't know them but one of them is a brother of my friend's friend. i was told that they were about to leave for a drink at another hang out place at Perwira, when suddenly they heard shrieking. Yes, all five of them. One of the girl pointed at something in the dark night sky in the distance. Something is flying towards them, something scary..

They began to pace their walk as that shrieking is getting fainter. *tips: Fainter sound=getting closer, Louder sound=farther* When the apparition is closer and clearer, they ran towards their car and sped off. One of them manage to snap something on a mobile phone.