Tired, Sleepy & No Ideas & also Malaysia Independence Day

Been really unproductive lately, i have been tired and sleepy after returning from work, so tired and sleepy that i couldn't think of anything interesting to post. Also the fact that my life is actually not that interesting anyway makes the matters worse..

Though i am anxiously waiting for our arrears payment and bonus towards the end of the year, i am planning to buy a car of my own, plus not to forget saving some for later like marriage and stuff..

Top 3 possible car to get, in particular order, with the top being high favourite choice:

1. Naza Sutera : conflict on colours, Blue = Fave Colour, Black = Macho & Sexy
2. Perodua Myvi : conflict on version, Regular/Sportive

3. Hyundai/Inokom Getz : conflict on version, Regular/Sportive

Malaysia is celebrating it's 50th independence day this year, after few hundred years of under foreign rule. Quite an achievement for a small country after only 50th year of self government. We as Malaysian should be proud of this. i personally think there's much more to be done.

Merdeka! Tapi Merdekakah kita?