Survival Tips

Imagine you're in Africa. For somehow, you have said something that the natives misunderstood, and you making the situation worse by trying to explain it more. Finally you end up in this situation. You have been tied to a tree-upside down, and at the end of the rope anchored to the ground. Unfortunately that's not the only bad thing, a candle is slowly burning the rope just below it, and in time the rope will break.

You thought, " Oh, god..if that rope breaks, and i'll fall to the ground. i might break my neck, and dies. Oh, well.. as long as it is quick and less painful."

Unfortunately, along came a hungry lion. The lion is so hungry that it can't even jump up and grab you down. So it waits, waiting for the moment you came tumbling down and ready to be eaten.

And you thought, " Fuck, i'm screwed! i going to die a painful and horrible death!"

Your very survival depends on the rope being intact, and there's not a single soul around to help you. It is now between you and the wild. What the fuck would you do?


Just sing to that freakin' lion a bloody Birthday Song!