My Bored Weekend & Other Ramblings..

My weekend has never been as bored as this. i was planning last Friday to do a few things this weekend which are:

1) Cut my hair
2) Tidy up my bookshelf in my bed room
3) Exercise

Well.. i didn't do any. Now it's 00:11 Monday morning (Malaysia Time), in which i was supposed to sleep as tommorow i have get up early to work, and sadly i'm still waiting for my YouTube video to finish loading.. DAMN Streamyx.. Can't you get any faster than this? Why the FUCK am i paying you RM88 a month with this SHITTY download speed? (The fact the it is THE ONLY broadband option in Malaysia) Fuck!!

What is up with me and all this cursing? you might ask.. well, actually it's all coming from my pre-depressed-for-this-coming-birthday-where-i'll-be-25-and-feel-OLD.. yup, it started last Friday, i was evaluating my 25 years of living and not finding any sort of accomplishment to be proud of..

Fortunately though, i will be on annual leave on my birthday and the two days after, 08, 09 & 10th of August..which meant i'll be having a looong weekend! MUAHAHAHA!! NOT WORKING ON THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, & FRIDAY!!

Sometimes i wish i was a cartoon though, perhaps life could be a lot more easier. If i were a cartoon may look like this one:

This is a simpsonized version of me. For this awesome link, i would like to thank Kimberley of Cupcakes and Muffins, one of many interesting blogs i like to read..Well i supposed i have to go to bed now, i don't want to be sleepy at work..