Learn English, With Cute & Pretty Girls

Japanese Girls Learning English -funny - The best bloopers are here

i believe, in this scene, that girl would have to make a sentence that describe the word "Shock".
That's it, i'm totally going to Japan.. Those girls are so funny.. and pretty and cute..

Memorable quotes:

"Cheese Box Cool" ... ??
"Cool Box" ... ?? she was refering to "refrigerator"
"Refrigerator In Cheese" ... muahahaha... do i need to elaborate on this? Hilarious!!
"Mother Talk Dog Cheese" ... ??


1. Girl determine to learn english, my salute goes to her.
2. Girl in pink sitting. (clearly seen at 1:11) i love the expression on her face..
3. Tutor's face reaction to "Cool Box". (seen at 1:00)