Budget... Budget... Budget...

i remember back then, not too long though, just 6 years ago... well at that time, i was 19, freshly dropped out of college. Yup, you heard me, Freshly Dropped Out of college.

i had my first job, although temporary, had my first paycheque for RM 801.97 that would roughly equals to $230USD. Back then i felt that it was enough for a month, that is before i began to help out to pay the bills and other errands.

It was during this time my mom repeatedly remind me to save at least RM50 or about $15 a month, unfortunately i didn't. If i were to do what she said, i would've at least RM3000 of saving today. i only started to save about couple of months ago, for about RM300 monthly into ASB. This is a saving investment of unit trust funds for Malaysian only, and have a healthy return of
roughly 8-9% every year.

Since February of last year, i got this job which pay is a bit higher than previous, about RM1200 roughly $340. Then again, due to increase prices of oil, food and other utilities prices, i felt that this is also not enough. Even living in a small city like Miri, i think having salary of RM3000 is not enough, i wonder what it's like living with a small salary like that in a highly expansive & demanding city like KL.

Today, 22/08 is payday, so after deductions of insurances, savings and payment of bills, i was frustrated to see what my balance left to spend for the rest of the month. Here's a rough summary of my budget.

Budget: RM900

Savings: RM330 ( - )
Insurances: RM130 ( - )
Bills: RM310 ( - )

Balance For The Remaining Days Until Next Payday: RM130!

Oh fuck! i think it's time that i finally answer that call of being a Mirian, i think i should change my career and venture into oil & gas industry, as Miri is known as the oil town of Malaysia, the birthplace of Sarawak petroleum industry. Perhaps i could earn more there... i think i should consider of changing career for future sake... maybe not... or at least, not yet...