Am i Making Money Online?

That's right, that is the question i would like to ask myself and perhaps some of the bloggers online have asked themselves.. Am i? umm.. actually i am, though unfortunately not the amount that i'm hoping or dream of getting.

Through i'm making RM0.20 this month..muahahaha.. seriously hilarious.. Oh wait for it, from i'm making 0.03USD since... (here's the jackpot) last 4 months! Again, muahahaha.. Why am i laughing at myself? Because it's funny.. i'm still not making any reasonable income from any of the advertisers anyway.

Other advertisers that i'm currently sign up to and still not making anything(a.k.a "0") are:

1. TextLinksAds (since May 2007)
2. ReviewMe (since February 2007)
3. Performics (since May 2007)
4. Nuffnang (since August 2007)

However, all of the advertisers above require one to have a blog/webpage to apply. Well, if you by any chance don't have one, why not try AGLOCO. You don't have to own a blog/webpage to apply and make money online.

Sign up is free, download the viewbar and you off to earn your money. AGLOCO pays you maximum 5 hours per month but you can add that up when your refferals signs up and surf the web with the viewbar running. So make sure you find as much refferals as you can, because the maximum that being paid are 5 hours per month.

Let say you manage to recruit 3 refferals, and they too manage to recruit 3 more refferals. If all those in estimate surfs the web with the viewbar on average 5 hours monthly, you may earn 458.75 per month. In RM that would result in roughly RM1554, wow, even my monthly salary are only RM1250+!

So? Why not sign up, you won't lose anything as signing up is free, and you have everything to gain. Earn something while you surf the net, it is as simple as that. The more people that you refer through you the better, meaning that the more accumulated hours that you can convert into cash. Hey, even JohnChow is a member, and he got massive amount of members in his network.

Interested? Signing up is just a click away. Just click the image below.