What An Interesting Day!

i have always dreaded the thought of upcoming Monday, the day that probably on the hate list of most workers. Well, today it has been one interesting day. We have new boss coming in, the usual tense feel, and my favourite of course the highlight.

It was this customer, an cute one. From the moment she stepped in, she seems to be hhmm.. i trying to find out the correct word.. attracted, fixated?? let's just say she seems to be interested to me. Once and a while she would look up to me and smile.

i was at that time still dealing with another customer of my own, but her stare just made my blood boiled. It was after finishing my customer transaction that i decided to gave her my own brand, though i am not good at one. i tried the kind-of-not-really-flirting-but-i-know-your-looking-at-me kind of stare, haha..what?? yeah right, the few glances with a smile look..hhmmm i know, i'm a noobie at this and maybe dorky.. but seriously i saw her smiling back!

That was my day, i have no idea why she was giving me that kind of signal. Anyway it made my day interesting and ultimately boost my confidence. Maybe i'm not that hopeless after all..