Rainy Nights

Miri have been rainy in the evening right up through the night for almost everday these couple of weeks. Actually i kind of prefer it that way, okay maybe not raining everday, but at least twice a week. Just before it started to become rainy, the days have been really hot and humid.

i can't sleep soundly at night without turning the aircond on.

The downside of this rainy season is clothes don't dry completely. Hopefully the frequent raining won't result to flash flood. So far, since my family and i moved here to Lutong Baru last ten years ago, from Pujut Corner, we were lucky that our housing area have good drainage system. So we never have to suffer/experience flash flood, but then again, with the global warming and freak weather, we may never know when tragedy will strike right?

In the mean time i will enjoy my daily cool night sleeping soundly...