Joke Of The Day: The Contest

There were three guys that won a contest. They would get to spend a year in a room with anything they chose.

The first guy loves to have sex. So they put him in a room for a year with over 200 girls to have sex with for a year.

The second guy loved to get drunk. So they put him in a room with every beer there ever was to drink for a year.

The third guy loved to smoke. So they put him in a room with every kind of cigarette there was to smoke.

Two hours later they hear the guy that loved to smoke banging on the door but they say "fuck him, he's in there for a year". A year later they let them out.

They first guy came out and he could barely walk, after how many times he had sex. The second guy came out and couldn't walk because he was so drunk. The third guy came out crying. They asked him why he was banging on the door and why he was crying.

He said, " I forgot my lighter!"