Daylight Robbery!

So sad to read this, and the fact that it happened in my lovely town (and near to the place i work) concerned me. Miri was upgraded to city status last year, with that i sense the rise in crimes. Although this is only from my observation thru reading the local newspapers and hearing stories from friends, family members and other people that i know and came across. There is no official records or statistics that can confirm this yet. Still, i have faith in the local authorities and law enforcemen. Here is the email that sent to me concerning the unfortunate event.

"A colleague shared this during our weekly meeting. His friend was at CIMB bank, Boulevard (next to Amy Studio) last week during the day. As she walked out of the bank, 2 guys approached her - one in front & the other behind. One hugged her & held a knife to her waist. He threatened to harm her if she screamed & started rummaging her pockets for money. She wasn't carrying a handbag. They didn't find any money since she had gone to the bank to carry out a telex transaction. Then they asked if she was waiting for a bank transaction to be completed to get the money. When she said no, they got angry & pushed her to the floor. They fled in a car which was parked directly next to her car - her car was parked right in front of the bank! She took down the number plate of the car but noted the front & back number plates were different.

There were passerbys in the area when it happened. Some guys were smoking outside while the security guard was inside the bank. It was during bank operation hours - i.e. not weekends, nor late at night. But no one helped. Everyone was minding their own business - including a smoker who had a Shell tag! (She was also wearing a Shell tag). Even when she was pushed to the floor & her belongings in her jacket were scattered, no one helped. It's because of such behaviours that these activities are now so rampant.

When she informed the bank about it, they simply told her that it happens 3 times a week. She lodged a police report, but they don't seem concerned either. Please take care. Where possible carry out e-banking, or get your cash from the Shell ATM. If not possible, please go with someone else to the bank.