That Sinking Feeling

i'm beginning to feel it again. That sinking feeling. Somehow i felt i'm drowning, pulled under the waves of life's pressure. i wonder if it is actually me that's doing this to myself.

It is kind of strange, as just a few weeks earlier i was okay. After spending some time thinking, i've pointed out a few reason that might have caused it.

1. i've beginning to develope a special feeling towards her.
2. i've succumbed under work related pressure.
3. i've been thinking too much about my financial difficulties.

i guess i've been thinking too much about those things. Solutions?

1. Call or text her damn it!
2. i should've left all office drama well.. at the office.
3. i know i'm actually okay as it is, but somehow i always wanted more.. i should've be more moderate. Focus on the necessity and the necessary.