A Review Of Windows Vista Home Basic

First and foremost, i am using Vista Home Basic. At first i was a little afraid that i might not get used to it. i actually intended to get Vista Ultimate, but by god damn, it's so expensive! Sorry for swearing but it really is. Well i guess most know it by now. Anyway, if your familiar with XP, you shouldn't have any problem switching to Vista. i will not give technical jargon or what not in here, as i am not really that well versed in the technical side.


Unfortunately here, i couldn't tell you guys anything about the new Aero interface and Windows 3D Flip. As these exciting new features are not included in Vista Home Basic. What i've observed was Vista has revamped it's look, and i felt that it's a lot softer on my eyes. i particularly like the new widgets. Especially the Slide Show, with it, i can preview my favourite pictures of pretty girls. The widgets itself you can attached and deattached from it's Sidebar. The widgets i can say useful is Notes, you can type in your reminder, notes and to-do list. The other widgets that i find particularly useful is calendar and clock.

New Feature

Here i will focus on the new Windows Explorer. i would like to say that i prefer the new windows explorer than the one in Windows XP. Unfortunately, for people who used to Win 98 & Win XP explorer they might get disoriented, as there's a lot of new features added. The new windows explorer have a sleeker look to it, and the new icons are just beautiful.

If you're viewing pictures or videos, there's a new preview pane option that which you can preview them live without even clicking on them. i feel that is a simple yet useful upgrade for this new windows explorer.


Believe me, with Vista you'll get a lot of "are you sure?" type warning whenever you're going to change your setting, installing new programs and whenever you download anything from the internet. It can be quite annyoing. There's crashes from time to time but it's a lot easier to get out than XP and of course better than the blue screen of death of the Win 98. Vista seems to start faster than XP. i felt Vista runs smoother than XP, well that is just me.


Here is where most of my issues came up. Firstly, i couldn't install my HP F380 3 in 1 printer as the cd provided only compatible with older windows version. i tried to download the Vista driver from HP website but somehow the failed even after i tried downloading it again 3 times after that. Game-wise, i am a nostalgic gamer. i tried to play my Neo Geo Arcade Emulator on it and it wouldn't run at all, i did manage to run it on my Win XP desktop though. My major disappointment was my Heroes 5 wouldn't run and it even didn't finish the installation proses. i love playing it on my Win XP desktop, and was hoping to LAN it with my laptop but it seems that the dream is well just a dream, that is until an update comes up. i was surprise though as Heroes 3 installed and run perfectly..finding the update for it is another issue. Rise of Nation also run smoothly, so maybe some games can run on Vista as others may not.


My whole experience has been positive so far with Vista, even if my system is not really that top of the line. If you're a simple user like me, Vista Home Premium is better than Home Basic, that is if you're getting a new computer. i recommend you use Vista on a new system rather than use the old one, as you may encounter some compatibility issues. My plan is to turn my laptop into a home studio of some sort, i think it'll do just fine.