A New PMP to Replace my Palm Zire 72

i've been thinking a lot about this. A new portable media player. i've been scouring the internet for information about the latest PMPs, nowadays it's kind of "odd" for someone who didn't own at least a cheap mp3 player. i dare to say this because recently i saw a 9 year old kid browsing songs on her ipod nano, in which i thought it was so cool, and the fact that i couldn't even buy one stressed that matter.

anyway, my main concern will always be the battery life. i have a lot of videos and a lot more mp3s, so if that PMP have a short life it would be pointless to buy one.

here's my top 5 of PMPs currently that i'm interested in buying:

1. Sony NW-A800 series.
2. Cowon iaudio D2
3. Creative Zen Vision: M
4. Palm Life Drive
5. Highly unlikely but this one did popped up into my mind once awhile, Sony PSP.