What happened this last few days?

Hmm..there's a lot of thing happened this past week. First being last sunday, where by suddenly my phone line went dead. The phone didn't work thus meant i couldn't connect to the internet. Which pissed me off, the fact that i used the internet until 3am that sunday but when i tried logging on again at 10am the line died. i thought the telephone company would rectified it the next day but nothing happened, it was until i called on last thursday morning, everything was rectified and fine that thursday evening.

Secondly, with the futsal tournament is over and futsal fever is over, we have got a new fever, tennis fever! Yes, as one who is new at tennis, basically i thought playing it is just like playing badminton. Boy, was i wrong.. the ball return is a lot scarier, bigger ball equals more pain. Different technique of playing, and greater need of understanding the path of the ball. The fact i played with a bunch of friends who also have not played before is hilarious and silly mix of experienced. i can honestly say that all of us spent a lot of time and energy picking the ball from miss return than actually played a normal rally game.

Thirdly, i got my finger injured. How? i slammed to close the car door when, i don't know how and why, i forgot to pull my finger away, just as the car door was about to close, and i may add, i closed that door hard. As a result of that, i suffered two days of pain..