Rock Out Futsal! Part 4..

i am trully sorry guys, during the SBEU Futsal tournament at Miri Indoor Stadium on the 5th of May, i couldn't find anyone to record any video of our team's game. i can however, present summarised of my team's performance on that day.

Teams that played on that day: MBB Batu Yen, MBB Junainah, MBB Boulevard(my team), Mafin, Public Bank, RHB Evo, RHB My1, CIMB A, CIMB B, Hong Leong/ML Machinery, EON Bank, Bank Muamalat, AmBank, SME Bank(later disqualified/refused to play & protest, due to player registration issues)..

My team got an early start, playing the first game againstt Hong Leong/ML Machinery in the morning at 8.30am. In time where muscles are still in relax mode, and maybe because of tournament pressure, we got off into a shacky start. The first team we put out did manage to get a goal in the first half, but let in two more in the second.

The next game against EON, we played a draw and goaless game, next lost out to RHB Evo with 1 goal. The game against RHB Evo, was the game i think we could've win. We had a lot of chances but the cruel hammer of fate got us nailed down with RHB Evo scoring in the final few minutes of the game with a straight free kick into the net as our goalkeeper watched the ball scream passed him.

But then again, we played our last game late in the evening without any pressure on as we were already out of the group stages. We won against CIMB A with 3 goals to nil. Oh well, we did end our tournament with a win at least.. There's always next year..


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