Poem of the Day

i've been having a difficult time to find something to write on this blog, so i began a quest searching/scouring through my note books, my pieces of papers, anything that can provide me with an inspiration to get me writing again, and i found a poem in one of my note books. i wrote this poem last year. i think, if i can remember it correctly, i wrote it under the *tragic* memory of my lost love..i channeled all my sadness and sorrow into a single thought and focusing it into a poem..

so here goes..

Tragic January (27/05/07)

My love left me
To mourn
This heartbreak
On a tragic January

She said it's pointless
To hold on to
This fragile memories
Of a tragic January

Oh how am i
To get over this
To accept bitter memories
Of a tragic January

Feedback: Yes, please. Constructive criticism appreciated as well.

Actually there's an alternate ending to this poem. i was having second thoughts about putting it in, as i wanted to keep the mood of the sadness flows entirely. so i left the ending out, if i put the alternate ending in, then the whole poem would feel different.

alternate ending:

* Yet, i won't give in
To this sorrowful feeling
I'll keep holding on
I'll make it through
This tragic January