My Rock Out Weekends..

On the 26th of May, last Saturday, a few of my friends and i went to Niah National Park with our two auditors. The fact that they're from Peninsular and never been to Miri before so it was a way to fill up their weekend and enjoying their stay at Miri. Actually i've already been countless time at Niah Cave but now i have in my posession my sister's camera, so i planned to take some picture with it.

One thing that always crack me up when visiting Niah is this signboard. Remember no *i love you* in the forest!
No *i love you*

A boat to cross the river.
The Gang.
The Walk.
The Route.
Don't Touch Me.
Trader's Cave Mouth.
Great Cave Mouth.
Painted Cave.
Conclusion, it was a great day trip to spend my weekend, rather than just sits in front of my computer all day long..