Gadgets that i have..

The only 2 gadgets that i have is my new mobile phone, Nokia 6233 and my old PDA, Palm Zire 72. My Nokia 6233 has been excellent since i bought it. It has 3g, 2 megapixel camera with VGA 15fps recording!, hot swappable microSD card, dual stereo speakers.. yup, that's the features that i liked about it.
My Palm Zire 72 in the other hand, is basically a small computer - palm sized. Remember back then when computer desktops with 312mhz processor that sits on your table, well now i can fit it in my pockets. Back in the days when my Zire was still new, i used it as my daily planner, editting my words and excels, play games, listening to music, watching video and lots more. Now however, 3 years after i bought it which was back in december 2004, the battery life has suck big time, i only used it to listen to music and watch short videos.
If you haven't know it by now, Zire + 2gb SD card + TCPMP + Super(a free video encoding software by eRightsoft) = a very powerful PMP plus the PDA features. Inside my SD card, i have 90 videos consists of music videos and short movies. The only unfortunate thing is, the dying battery. i can only play videos on it for an hour or two before it needed to be recharge.
i am planning to get a new PDA/PMP. Among my wishlist are:
1. Sony Mylo
2. Palm Life Drive
3. Helio Ocean
4. Sony PSP
Here's a video of my Zire, sorry for the lack of quality of the video. i took the video using my Nokia 6233, indoors with no additional backup lighting.