Beautiful piece of technology..

Probably most of you might be wondering(or not), why my pictures are big sized. It's because my lil' sister is home for her semester break, that would meant i get to borrow her awesome Nikon D40 camera. Yeah, i'm not actually that good at taking pictures but i am learning from her. She's currently doing a Degree in Photography and Arts, i think, or something like that, i'm not sure what's the exact name or whatever.

Oh man, i have to say that this camera is perfect for anyone who are interest in photography but are not ready to invest into a professional grade equipment. Niko D40 is an entry level pro camera, suitable for enthusiast interested in photography. That camera cost around MYR2000++, but my dad loaned it, so it's now cost MYR3000++.

Anyway, it is an awesome piece of technology in a camera. i have a lot to learn on basic photography from my sister, so i better start taking pictures now..