Rock Out Helio Ocean!

Oh man, i really really really want this one.. Helio Ocean, this has got to be one of the coolest looking mobile phone ever.. Forget your Nokias, forget your Sony Ericssons, forget your Samsungs, forget your LGs, don't even think about getting that iPhone.. in my humble opinion, this is the phone to get come spring 2007 in the US of A.. man, i wish i'm there..

i'm crossing my fingers in hope that somehow this phone will cross the atlantic and pacific ocean to here, southeast asia and to be more specific Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

Let me give you guys the low down:

1. dual-slide design, incorporating the traditional hanset keypad and wait for it..full QWERTY keyboard. Here's another shock, in one phone.

2. 2.0 mega pixel camera with flash.

3. 200mb of internal memory + micro SD, supporting up to 2gb of space.

4. USB mass storage support and here's the cool part, with PC and Mac support.

5. Bluetooth with A2DP meaning wireless stereo listening compatible.

6. The most important part is: it's soo damn cool!

Rock Out Videos!

* review/preview by phonescoop:

* review/preview by Gizmodo:

* review/preview by SlashGear:


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