Rock Out Futsal! Part 2..

Playing futsal is whole lot different from playing football on the big field. Due to smaller space and packed players on field, futsal players have to prepare themselves with the nessesary skills, control and technique.

The thing i've noticed from playing futsal is, the smaller space felt crowded with players. i have to think fast, pass the ball early, find a space for myself and team mates and less spend time with the ball. i also have to learn to block/reduce opponent's time with ball, close their space for passing, and stop the opposing team from playing their game.

The fact that futsal is played on the gymnasium/basketball style floor, i need special kind of footwear. This is where the pictures above ..uumm.. comes into the picture. i chose PUMA Esito III IT futsal footwear. i bought it last 2 month for about RM169 or $49 US dollars. Why i chose PUMA? it's because i've been using a couple of PUMA shoes before and i like how the grip of the PUMA shoes feels. The shoe grips well on the floor of the indoor stadium that we played in. i would like to say that the floor has already worn out (picture/video will be added in the next post), and if you were to play on it with wrong kind of footwear, you're bound to get injured. The shoe fits well with my feet, not too tight and not too loose with socks on.

i used to use my worn out PUMA skate shoe before i bought this one, and man, i was lucky not to get injured due to lack of grip on the floor. i was getting a hard time shooting/kicking the ball, the ball easily slipped off my control. Then all of that issues diminished when i bought proper footwear. Some of it still i have to face as that depends on my own skills, which obviously i don't have.

So yeah, i recommed this shoe for anyone who want to play futsal. It helps me a lot, and the most important thing is, it looked so cool.

Here are some of better picture of PUMA Esito III IT.