Rock Out Futsal! Part 1..

i have to be frank to you guys, i love football aka soccer. i've been playing it since i was 10. It is one of a couple sport that i can proudly say i'm good at, the other one is badminton. Not like pro kind of good but good enough you know, to play full 90 minutes. Umm..i have to confess though, since leaving school last 7-8 years ago, in which the only time that i'm active in sports, stamina is no longer an asset.

i don't want to brag or show off, but seriously, my strengh in football has always been my burst of speed. i can sprint/run with the ball really fast(in my younger/active days, yeah i'm 24. but i feel old!) for a "long" period of game time. Now, i can't do that anymore. i still can do that burst of speed, but it would only last for a while before fatigue catch up with me, and for a while i meant a couple of minutes..hehe.. no seriously.

So since last year after switching to a new job, i began playing futsal. Futsal is basically football played indoors. The total players on playing field are only 10 players, meaning 5 vs 5, one goalkeeper each and four players on either side.

Sounds like an easy game right? you wish! i remember the first time i played, i was all out and nearly pass out first five minutes..haha.. the thing with futsal is, you have to play with strategy, positioning and good passing. If you do all that, you don't have to run all the time chasing the ball like playing on the fullscale football field. In futsal i play as a striker, with the job of goal scoring.

This year the bank workers union is organizing a tournament. So it is time for me to show what i'm all about. i'm hoping that i can post some pictures or videos here soon.

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